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Stop worrying about sales, customer service, or payroll and focus on what you do best; delivering value to your customer.

The Personal Touch


Fiji is the perfect place to meet the skilled labour shortage New Zealand businesses are going through. With exceptional English skills, its close location, and a mutual understanding of culture combined with the world-class management and 24/7 access that Packleader BPO provides, it’s an easy decision who to turn to. 

Outsourcing through Packleader BPO can provide exactly what your business needs to grow. Building your off-shore team will allow your local employees to focus on the high-value activities that they do best. 

Packleader BPO has the full support of the Fijian government and is classified as an essential service. This allows us to continue operating without interruption and scale to meet the challenges our clients are facing due to COVID lockdowns around the world. 

We’re responsible members of the community and focus on providing equitable job opportunities and creating a welcoming work environment. This has ensured our team continues to be happy, productive and committed to their long-term career with us.

IT Solutions

Fiji is connected to Australia and New Zealand through The Southern Cross Cable. This provides Packleader BPO facilities with the fastest internet in the pacific with unmatched reliability. Our facility is not only cyclone-proof but has its own backup servers and uninterruptible power supply.

Our dedicated team of developers and IT security experts with our purpose-built infrastructure ensures there are no delays or issues caused by IT problems and that we are always available to meet your needs.

What We can Do

 Our experienced HR and recruitment team can find the perfect candidate for any role. With a 600 seat Centre in Fiji, and a scalable site in Manila, Packleader is well placed to assist clients in meeting their business objectives, through traditional BPO services, inbound and outbound sales, customer care and virtual finance functions. 

We have the capability and facilities already in place to scale to meet any demands. There is no contract too big nor too small for our team to handle. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and to create a bespoke campaign. 

Why Packleader BPO?

We have proven experience in highly dynamic, competitive, and regulated industries such as; energy, health, insurance, telecommunications. We have case studies available to showcase our results. We are confident we can help your business grow.   

We exist to help you achieve your business goals. It doesn’t matter if you need deals closed, help with customer support or a helping hand in your administration department…our mission remains the same “Deliver excellence, and only excellence”. 

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Luke Wyley

Yours sincerely,

Luke Wyley

General Manager

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