The 4 Key Advantages Of Nearshoring Telesales

Have you considered hiring a telemarketing team to grow your business?

That’s exciting news!

This likely means that your company is progressing to new levels and looking forward to increasing sales and revenue.


And reasonably, you might be wondering whether outsourced telesales is worth the investment. After all, telemarketing has been around for a long time. New advertising strategies are available like social media and email marketing, so why hire a telemarketer?

 The short answer is: you need a good mix of both.

Because despite today’s digital world, hiring a telemarketing team remains one of the most effective marketing tools out there. And in spite of its connotations, when cold calling is carried out correctly, it continues to yield impressive results. In fact, 60% of Fortune 500 Marketing Managers found telemarketing to be effective, with 90% voting ‘very effective.’

But perhaps it’s not so surprising that consumers prefer the traditional phone call above all else; after all, the need for customer service and empathy is still there even if the information is available elsewhere. And while chatbots and instant messaging are great platforms for dissemination, they aren’t quite the same as having all your queries answered and explained in detail on a call with a friendly staff member.

And I’m sure you may have wondered why you should hire a telemarketing team when you can ring up potential customers yourself. Again, the simple answer is that any form of marketing is best left to the specialists.

We’ll give you some great reasons why telemarketing is worth investing in to promote your brand and product. When you know precisely why you need to outsource telemarketing services, you’ll be in a better position to understand how best to leverage it to boost your business and sales. Then we’ll tell you the best way to go about hiring the right telemarketing company to suit your business needs. Here’s why telemarketing is still one of the most powerful marketing tools in 2022:

60% of Fortune 500 Marketing Managers found telemarketing to be effective, with 90% voting 'very effective.'

1. Builds A Strong Relationship Of Trust With Your Cutomers

Customers that trust the companies they do business with increase your lifetime value. When you’re interacting personally with your consumers, the outcome can be fantastic. You’re no longer viewed as just another storefront or website. Instead, they trust you with their hard-earned money because you give them value in return with both product and customer experience – which means they’ll keep coming back.

This is why it is so important to leave that critical first impression and building of relationships with people who specialize in customer care. And the best way to do that is to hire a telemarketing company that knows what they’re doing.

2. Provides An Engaging And Interactive Experience​

There are two types of telemarketing services; those that work and those that don’t.

There are indeed cold callers out there who will pitch to anyone with a pulse; however, when you hire a telemarketing company with a well-trained staff focused on building your brand and boosting your sales, the results can be pretty impressive.

Cold calling and outsourced telesales is a specialized task that requires people with a specific skill set. Just as people are put off by promotional-dense content and clickbait, they won’t appreciate getting a substandard or pushy call about your service.

You want the people generating your leads and setting appointments to be informative and engaging. They need to be experienced enough to pick up on subtle voice cues to gauge a person’s mood. They also need to be quick enough on their feet to craft their conversation accordingly to achieve the best outcome for all parties. This is the type of telemarketing hire that works.

3. Cost-Effective Lead Generation Strategy

One of the other vital reasons telemarketing is a thriving industry is that it poses a minimum risk investment-wise. When you tap on the global market, you can access a pool of skilled workers for less than you would in your own country because of the differing dollar values.

However, for a business owner in Australia or New Zealand, you might be sceptical about the different time zones and how that may hinder effective communication.

Packleader BPO is notable because our call centre is based near-shore in Fiji. So at any point, if you need to speak face to face with your hired team, meeting your telemarketers is only a short flight away.

That means that throughout the week, you’ll have two groups of dedicated people working simultaneously to build up your business and boost your sales- why turn down a power team like that?

4. Telemarketing Is Flexible

The beauty of hiring a telemarketing team is that you can scale your team back a bit if it’s a slow season. But, conversely, if your business is picking up and you need to hire more telemarketers – we’ve got you covered! That means at all times, you’re paying for precisely what your business needs and nothing more.

And when you consider the difference between having an in-house telemarketer and hiring a telemarketing company, outsourcing will always be the more cost-effective and flexible option. When you outsource your telesales and telemarketing, you don’t need to worry about recruitment, training, adjustment periods, insurance, benefits, salaries, and facility costs or whether you have the required technology and infrastructure. It’s a win-win situation no matter which way you angle it.

Where can I hire a telemarketing team?

The best place to start is with the specialists.

Packleader BPO has been in the telemarketing industry for nearly a decade. We are specialists in customer service, lead generation, appointment setting, and administrative support. But don’t take our word for it, here’s a look at all the companies who love us.

If you’ve been thinking of hiring a telemarketing team to boost your sales, you’ve come to the right place. There is no contract too big or too small for us – we exist to help you achieve your business goals!

So get in touch with us today and take your business to the next level. What are you waiting for? Work with a team that delivers excellence and only excellence. 

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