BPO Case Studies

Examples of how we’ve improved businesses

Case Study Examples

A quick look at some businesses who we have helped in the past. 

Simply Energy

Simply Energy have been making energy simple and affordable for Australian households and businesses since 2005.


A large multi-national telecommunications giant needed assistance with customer service overflow & cross-sell initiatives.

Health Deal

An Australian private health insurance broker who needed help lowering their administration & sales team costs.

Why Outsource?

The decisions to outsource sections of your business may seem daunting first, but the benefits are plentiful. There is a reason why some of the largest corporations on earth use BPO services …quite simply, it helps save a significant amount of time & money for businesses, making them more efficient & ultimately more profitable.

Save on labour costs

Hiring in the UK, USA & Australia is expensive. A trusted BPO provider can save you thousands in labour costs.

Save on Tax

Outsourcing means you don't have to incur all the other taxes associated with hiring, such as payroll tax & national insurance.

Save On Adminstration Costs

Outsourcing means you don't need to employ as many local administration staff to manage your employees.

Save on Recruitment Costs

Finding talent to join your company is often time-consuming & expensive. Whereas we will handle the entire recruitment process for you.

Save Your Time

The management of front line staff is time-consuming. Outsourcing this to Packleader BPO will give you greater time to concentrate on other important tasks.

Share Your Vision

Packleader BPO services will be equally committed to helping you achieve your business goals. It's in our interest that you are 100% satisfied with our team.

Lower Your Risk

Expanding your workforce is often fraught with danger. Packleader BPO services allows you to lower your risk while expanding your potential.

Create Competition

Outsourcing via Packleader BPO services will allow you to create healthy competition between the different sections of your business.


No country is entirely safe from COVID-19, however Fiji is one of the least affected places in the entire world, meaning COVID should not disrupt your BPO goals.

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Let us help you make an impact

Packleader BPO services is perfectly positioned to accommodate a wide range of business requirements. We’re here to help you achieve your business goals. 

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