Case Study: Vodafone

And how we grew our operation despite the challenges of COVID

The Client

Vodafone is a large multi-national telecommunications company. Vodafone has a footprint in 24 countries around the globe, offering a range of services from cell phone coverage to high-speed internet.

BPO customer service

Services Offered

Over our 6 year history working closely with Vodafone, we provided a wide range of BPO services, including:

Problems & Solutions

We initially approached Vodafone directly to see if we could assist with their customer care function. At the time they didn't need any help with their customer care, but they did want to explore outsourcing their appointment setting function. It was through our success that they opened up other parts of their business to us. Below are some issues which we have helped with over the years:

Vodafone were seeking a partner who could help set appointments for their sales team to call. We were able to recruit and train a team of 20 agents within 3 weeks. Our success at appointment setting was instrumental in Vodafone opening up other arms of their business to us. 

Due to our success with appointment setting, Vodafone requested we assist with their customer care function in 2016. We were able to assist by recruiting & training to a 180 head count over a 5 month period. During this period we invested heavily into our learning & development team, hiring an additional 4 full time trainers.

COVID-19 and national lockdowns caused great challenges to businesses across the globe. Supported by the Fijian Government, Packleader BPO services is listed as an essential service within Fiji  and as such the Covid had no impact to our operations. This allowed us to scale up quickly to assist with Vodafone’s request to significantly increase our headcount due to Covid. 

Our Approach

Due to the dynamic nature of assisting a large corporation, we knew we needed to have a rock-solid strategy for dealing with ad-hoc requests & campaigns. Our success in managing the various campaign requests Vodafone assigned us was mainly due to:

Not as big as vodafone?

Don’t worry, Packleader BPO services is ready to assist companies of all sizes, from multi-billion dollar corporations like Vodafone down to small enterprises who just need some extra assistance.  

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