Case Study: Health Deal

And how our sales team competes with their Melbourne Team

The Client

Health Deal has been proudly helping Australians compare health cover since June 2015. Health Deal has partnered with a range of health insurance funds to help Australians find a policy that best suits their needs and circumstances. With their high calibre team, they strive to find Australians a better Health Deal that gives them both value for money and the right level of cover.

BPO customer service

Services Offered

Over our 5 year history working closely with the client, we were able to offer a wide range of BPO services including:

Problems & Solutions

Health Deal was looking to expand its sales team but was cautious about the risks associated with expansion. Health Deal promises to QA 100% of sales calls, and the cost of hiring Australians to QA all their sales calls was prohibitive. Packleader BPO services initially came on board to assist with Health Deal's QA function, which then grew into assisting with appointment setting & sales.

Health Deal was struggling with finding enough quality leads for their sales team to call on a daily basis. Packleader BPO services was able to launch it’s own lead generation team to create warm transfer leads for Health Deal. 

Health Deal prides itself on quality checking 100% of sales calls. Due to the volume of sales and high cost of Australian wages, Health Deal was unable to carry out this task in Australia. Packleader BPO services was able to train a team of health insurance experts within 3 weeks & we have successfully  quality checked Health Deal sales for over 5 years. Health Deal has never had a major customer payout in it’s history due it’s stringent QA process.

Health Deal felt confident at the level of expertise our agents demonstrated within health insurance. We have helped grow their sales team to over 15 members of staff within a year who now regularly outperform their Melbourne sales team. 

Our Approach

We knew that the health insurance was going to be a challenge. The industry is highly complicated and the risks of being financially liable for any mistakes was high. Packleader BPO services has thrived under this pressure and we credit our success mainly to:

Summary of Relationship

Packleader BPO services has managed to grow the Health Deal team to over 25 people strong over the last few years. Here are some of the highlights of our relationship:

Much bigger than Health Deal?

Don’t worry, Packleader BPO services is ready to assist companies of all sizes, from smaller companies like Health Deal to multi-billion dollar corporations like Vodafone. 

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