Case Study: Simply Energy

And how we helped attract 200,000 new customers

The Client

Simply Energy is an Australian energy retailer, providing electricity and gas to more than 700,000 accounts across Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, with sales totalling 12% of the Australian market.

Simply Energy has won numerous Canstar awards for their energy products over their 15-year history and continually find ways of being a leader in a competitive market.

BPO customer service

Services Offered

Over our 7 year history working closely with the client, we have been able to offer a wide range of BPO services including:

Problems & Solutions

Simply Energy was not quite the energy juggernaut it is today when we first came on board to assist Simply Energy. At the time Simply Energy needed assistance in helping grow its customer base at an affordable price. Packleader BPO was ready to assist onboarded 50 experienced energy comparison experts onto the campaign within a matter of weeks.

Packleader BPO had a wealth of experienced energy comparison specialists due to it’s previous (and ongoing) relationship with Energy Deal (a energy comparator). It was due to this wealth of talent we have been able to steadily maintain a sales team of 30-50 agents over the past 7 years. Packleader BPO has helped attract over 200,000 new customers to Simply Energy over the years. 

The energy market within Australia is tightly regulated to prevent the miss-selling of products & services. These tight regulations presented an opportunity to assist with  Simply Energy’s QA function, which we have done dilligently for over 5 years.  

Due to our success in new member acquisition, Simply Energy requested that Packleader BPO also assist with their member retention  team. Packleader BPO was up for the challenge & has now successfully retained Simply Energy customers for over 3 years. 

Our Approach

Packleader BPO already had a wealth of experience & expertise within the Australian energy industry due to its successful Energy Deal campaign & senior management team all having a rich history within the industry. With such experience, for the campaign to be a success we knew we had to:

Summary of Relationship

Packleader BPO has successfully worked alongside Simply Energy for over 7 years. During these 7 years, we have built a fantastic working relationship with the client who have deemed fit to open up several BPO campaigns to Packleader BPO besides sales.

Not As Big As Simply Energy?

Don’t worry, Packleader BPO is ready to assist companies of all sizes, from smaller companies like Health Deal to multi-billion dollar corporations like Vodafone. 

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