About Us

Who we Are

Packleader BPO is a world-leading BPO provider. We have an exceptionally strong track record over our 7+ years in operations in Fiji. We have serviced large multinational clients for 6+ years as well as having several smaller bespoke campaigns. 

Packleader BPO is apart of the overall Packleader Group of companies, which is a diversified conglomerate of companies that have delivered excellence for 10+ years. 

There is no contract too big nor too small for our team to handle. 

Our Team

With over 400 members of staff spread across 5 countries with a combined 60 year history in successfully launching & managing new business, our senior management team have the experience & expertise to help your business grow. 

Scott Hancox


Mark Ferguson


Luke Wyley

Luke Wyley

General Manager

Your mission is our mission

We exist to help you achieve your business goals. It doesn’t matter if you need deals closed, help with customer support or a helping hand in your administration department…our mission remains the same “Deliver excellence, and only excellence”. 

Companies Who love us

A selection of businesses who have used our services extensively over our history. 

Brands Who Trust Us

A selection of brands who have had their products sold by our team Fijian team.

(Past & Present)

Why did we choose a small island nation compared to large established outsourcing destinations like India or the Philippines?

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