The Nearshore Solution

We get asked quite often, why Fiji?

Why a small island nation compared to large established outsourcing destinations like India or the Philippines? We’ll tell you.

Fiji is about excellence.

Not all skills can be taught. Some are simply instinctive. So we went off the beaten track, searching for that innate talent, that something more, that hidden treasure. And we found it. 

The people of Fiji are a dyed-in-the-wool, warm, proud, and spirited people. They exude this same energy in everything they do, be it rugby, hospitality, or customer service.

Fiji has been coined the world over as the Friendly Isles- and with good reason. So why not leave your customer experience in the hands of the happiest people on earth?

Fiji is the perfect place to meet the demands of Australian businesses and solve the labour costs struggle. With exceptional English skills, its close location, and a mutual understanding of culture combined with the world-class management and 24/7 access that Packleader BPO provides, it’s an easy decision whom to turn to. 

Packleader Group began operating in Fiji in 2013 and has been developing its facilities and investing in the people since day one. As a result, we’ve been able to implement boutique campaigns with unique requirements without sacrificing the saving and efficiencies that come with economies of scale. 

Packleader BPO has the full support of the Fijian government and is an essential service. This classification allows us to continue operating without interruption and scale to meet the challenges our clients face due to COVID restrictions worldwide. 

Outsourcing through Packleader BPO can provide exactly what your business needs to grow when it needs it. Our flexible staffing options allows you to respond to the current market and your customers’ needs; scale up when you require a larger team, and scale down when the situation changes. The best part? You save 50% on salaries compared to hiring locally without sacrificing quality and reliability.  But don’t take our word for it, here’s a look at all the companies who love us.

We’re responsible members of the community and focus on providing equitable job opportunities and creating a welcoming work environment. This has ensured that our team continues to be happy, productive and committed to their long-term career with us. 

ANZ Bank was the first business to see the advantage of investing in Fiji and launched its local operations hub in 2002. Since then, brands like Westpac, Malaysia Airlines, iSelect, and Spotlight Retail Group have taken advantage of Fiji’s low attrition rate and outstanding performance. 

PLG has a dedicated team of software developers, enabling us to have highly customised in-house customer relationship management software, including internal and external on-demand reporting. In addition, we have proven experience in implementing client requirements seamlessly into our systems. Our facility is not only cyclone-proof but has its own backup servers, uninterruptible power supply, and the fastest internet connection in the pacific to provide unmatched reliability.


Our experienced HR and recruitment team can find the perfect candidate for any role. With a 600 seat Centre in Fiji, Packleader is well placed to assist clients in meeting their business objectives through traditional BPO services, inbound and outbound sales, customer care and virtual finance functions. 

Our Fiji-based call centre is not just a thriving hub of happy people looking out for your customers’ best interests. Packleader BPO has broken the glass ceiling in many aspects. We have a solid, fully functioning team of self-assured, critical thinking, empathetic agents, trainers, team leaders, and managers. Those skills were already there, just like we believed from the start. 

So if you’re thinking about the best solution for your outsourcing requirements, look a bit closer to home. Packleader BPO has taken the contact centre experience and elevated it to suit your ever-evolving business requirements. 

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There is no contract too short, no headcount too large, Packleader BPO is ready to assist with your business requirements today. 

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