Hybrid Solutions

You need help with your business, but you're unsure where to turn.

According to this Forbes report, 54% of businesses worldwide are declaring a talent shortage- the highest it’s seen in a decade. 

Growing labour costs, shortage of skilled workers, and the almost overnight shift to the gig economy make it difficult for companies to find long-term, consistent answers. 

International Outsourcing

While countries like India and the Philippines are home to some of the largest contact centres in the world and present labour cost benefits, like everything, there are some drawbacks.

If you’ve ever considered outsourcing to BPO industries halfway across the world, there’s the first rub: they’re halfway across the world. 

Larger geographic distances make in-person meetings and inspections difficult. In addition, you’d have to rely on communication services to keep in touch with your team, and differing time zones can make meetings erratic and uncomfortable at times.  

And, you wouldn’t be the first business owner to worry about comprehension, misinterpretation and misunderstanding that may arise from language and cultural barriers. 

In conclusion, offshore outsourcing is an excellent solution for the growing labour cost if you’re prepared to take on some level of risk and relinquish some control.

Local Consultancy

The benefit of hiring a consultant is that they bring an independent perspective to your business, expertise, and access to industry best practices. In addition, they aren’t subject to organizational politics nor have any ties to the business, so you can be privy to objective insights and creative solutions if you’ve hired right. 

It can be hard to find the right consultant or agency to support your business in precisely the area you need. They might be too expensive, unavailable when you need them, or haven’t, and likely won’t be around long enough to understand your business culture and language. 

The takeaway? Your business can benefit significantly from a local consultant if you find an excellent, available consultant for which you’re prepared to pay a bit more.

What's the perfect balance

Our hybrid model offers the best of both worlds:

  • A Fiji office close by with flexible operating hours and great cost benefits. 
  • Your team is only a short flight away- and oh, go on, enjoy paradise while you’re at it. 
  • The excellent working conditions and facilities make it easier for you to stay connected with your team. Your team is skilled and well-equipped to handle business demands as most of Fiji’s education standards are on par with Australia.
  • Talent is available at any scale- our Fiji hub is in the centre of the most populated part of the city, so we’re not messing around when we tell you we have the numbers. 
  • You won’t ever have to worry about the quality of work or navigating cultural differences. Our Melbourne office also provides a personal understanding of your business and needs, so you can be sure that your outsourcing partnership is off to a good start. 

We are Australasia’s most innovative back and front office solutions provider. Our team has been growing businesses for close to a decade, and we want to help you grow too! 

Get in touch with us today and take advantage of a unique BPO solution tailored just for your business needs – after all, it is what sets us apart from everyone else out there; Excellence through customized service delivery at lightning speed. 

Get started now!

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